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Total Monstrosities the Card Game is a 1-6 player game that takes roughly 20 minutes to play.

Equip Totalmon with a variety of questionable weapons and items, or force them to Mutate into bigger, tougher Totalmon to give them the edge. Training, practice, and perseverance could have worked too... but who has got time for that?

The Player with the highest Total wins all the Totalmon still in play at the end of the round. First to win 10 Totalmon wins the game!

Check out the game trailer here!


Or, watch a video of the game being played below.

Currently you can only play the game on Tabletop Simulator

For those who love card games but hate other people!

More in depth rules for those arguments at the table. If something is still not clear, visit the contact page and ask for clarification.

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